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History of The Rock

           On Mar. 29, 1875 a charter was issued to Mt. Moriah Lodge #14 located in Key West, Fla.  The petition was presented to the Grand Lodge by Bro. James Roberts, Edward Brown, James Shackleford, Romeo Dupont, Paul Seabrooks, William Walters and Alexander Mickens.  

           On Nov. 19, 1875, a dispensation was granted to Mt. Moriah Lodge #15 to be located in Savannah, Georgia empowering Bro. Mack Grant to act as Worshipful Master, Bro. Raymond L. Jackson to act as Senior Warden and Bro. Frank N. Williams to act as Junior Warden.  

          Mt. Moriah #15 was formally organized on Dec. 27, 1875. After receiving the petition, the Grand Lodge of Georgia granted Mt. Moriah a dispensation and warrant in Nov. and Dec., respectively.  The warrant was signed by John Deveaux, Grand Master and Charles Middleton, Grand Secretary.

          Since 1875, the lodge has been served by the following Worshipful Masters:  C.W. Williams, David H. Canty, A.H. Burgress, Frank Brown, Thad Pierce, Donald Thomas, George B. Jones, Ivey Weaver, Dave gatewood, Herbert Quinn, James Jennings, W.R. Williams, Willie Thomas, S.L. Gibbons, Edward Wallace, J.S. Delaware, William Gibson, Jr., S.A. Jones, Henry Carrington, Nathan Hill, WilliamRussell, James Wright, James B. Kennedu, Curtis V. Cooper, Joe H. Lang, Louis Malone, Otis Charlton, Herman Span, Frank Albright, Nathaniel Pierce, Benjamin Odum, Clarence Rouse, Nathaniel Wright, Willie Dennard, Jacob Manning Jr., Egbert V. Smith, James H. Childs, Ronnie C. Hodges, Sr., C.C. Williams, JohnE. Jackson, Maznyl Newsome, Larry O. Jackson, John Wesley Parker Jr., Andrew Chiver, Arthur Jackson, Daryl Futch, James Cooper, Larry Philpot, Herbert "Tre" Singleton, and presently Brian Dawsey.

           We have been served by the following Secretaries:  Charles Nagle, J.S. Delaware, George B. Jones, S.F. Bynes, James Edwards, J.P. Sapp, S.L. Gibbons, Lewis Washington, Louis Malone, Nathaniel Pierce, James Cooper, and presently Larry O. Jackson.

          The following Brothers have served in the position of Treasurer:  Abraham Barnard, John L. Ross, Henry Carrington, Otis Charlton, Ernest Lee Maxwell, Clarence Rouse, Michael Chaney, Lorenzo Brown, C.C. Williams, Willie Dennard, Ronnie C. Hodges Sr., William Martin, Lewis Shields and presently PM Arthur Jackson.

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