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Annual Events

Here is an overview of the annual events Mt. Moriah #15 hosts.  Feel free to search through, become interested in the excellent activities, and come out to support. Click the pictures for details.

The Red Hot Party

Our Valentines day fundraiser.  The funds help to support our charities such as the Austin House and the annual Thank you Award

The Blue Light Party

Our Fall fundraiser.  Bring men and women together in the spirit of style and dance. This fundraiser helps with the Bridge the Gap Program at Savannah State University.  A definite Mt. Moriah Production.

Crab Crack and Oyster Roast

All you can eat Crabs & Oysters!!!  One of the many Community outreach events Mt. Moriah hosts yearly.

Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament kicks off the Annual Mt. Moriah Weekend.  If you think you have the swing to win the game, come out and show off your skills. 


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